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How SecureTech works

Take your security to the next level with SecureScan’s exceptional OWASP scanning services. Safeguard your applications, protect your reputation, and gain peace of mind.

Easy Setup

Getting started with SecureTech is a breeze. Our user-friendly interface allows for quick and hassle-free onboarding. Provide the necessary information about your web applications, and our system will begin scanning them promptly.

Thorough Scanning

SecureTech employs advanced scanning techniques and automation to delve deep into the security of your web applications. Our smart algorithms identify vulnerabilities, providing comprehensive reports to assist your remediation efforts.

Actionable Insights

Our OWASP scanning reports not only highlight vulnerabilities but also offer clear and concise recommendations on how to remediate them. Prioritize your remedial tasks effectively, ensuring optimal security enhancements aligned with your resources.

Ongoing Support

Security threats evolve continuously, and SecureScan ensures you stay a step ahead. With our flexible subscription plans, receive regular OWASP scanning updates, ensuring the continuous protection of your applications.

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